Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who are the Anunnaki?

A few years ago, I read a great story that I just couldn't walk away from.  I can honestly say that it wasn't just the story itself, it was much more than that.  Allow me to explain.

In the story, an astronaut was telling us about his journey through space.  He described the planets, the asteroid belt, the moon and the Earth's atmosphere.  The journey takes the readers through the dangers of travelling through space, and the weapons that were used to navigate through the asteroid belt, in order to get to Earth.

This astronaut goes on to describe how he landed on earth, what he saw, what he thought, how he used his equipment to perform tests on the air and water, and even the first animals that he encountered. Obviously, the story was not about a modern astronaut that leaves earth, it was about one coming to earth from another planet
What was so interesting about this science "fiction" story?  Well, it was written thousands of years ago.  Thats right, thousands of years ago!  Long before the bible was even written.  (Read further for more on the bible connection).  

The other fascinating thing about the story was, the characters were not of this planet. The story tells of a race of people, the Anunnaki,  that came to this planet from their planet, Nibiru.  They call their planet, the planet of the crossing, and their symbol is, the cross.  I suppose that could explain ancient crosses on ancient buildings, that were placed thousands of years before Jesus even walked the earth.

Ok, so where did the writings come from?  Are they real, or a great story that has been passed along?  Who wrote them?  Can I see them?  How old are they?  What does it all mean?  Are they more stories? If you have asked any or all of these questions, then just sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and read on, because this story is amazing, and it just keeps getting better with more discoveries.  Here we go!

The stories come from the Sumerian texts.  The Sumerians lived in Iraq, and they were the first known civilization.  The area was called, Mesopotamia.  You see, our great ancestors were running around naked, and popping animals on the head so that they could eat.  These animalistic humans had a form of language that only their personal clan could understand.  Are you following me?  No real language, usually no clothing, no civilized behavior.  Then..BAM!  We had a very large civilization where the people just magically started writing.  Thats quite a leap to go from no languages, to speaking a language AND suddenly "knowing" how to write thier language. This group of people also knew mathematics, not just basic adding, I'm talking about the beginning of what everyone uses today.  The Sumerians also invented the wheel, they had schools for their children, markets that sold clothing (that they magically learned to make) and many other items.  A monetary system, the ability to write and understand blueprints, build massive structures, create beautiful art and music, write poetry, and form rules for the people.  Want to know something else thats just amazing?  Get this, they also magically learned astronomy.  Not just looking up and seeing the stars, sun, and moon, they described all planets in great detail.  They even said that the sun was the center of the solar system.  Not until the invention of the telescope did anyone believe that the earth was not the center.  So, you're getting the idea..a very large group of naked, animal head poppers, got together and formed this fabulous civilization.  The writings, of course, came from these very people.  The Sumerians claim that their "gods" gave them all of their knowledge. I'm not talking about the bible version, I mean that the "gods" directly, and in person, gave them the knowledge.

So, are these writings actually real? Or are they a great myth that has been passed down over the ages?  Well, they're real.  The texts, written on clay tablets, have been discovered and collected for many years.  These texts, widely accepted to be around 6000 years old, are on display in museums and can also be researched through books of ancient history.

Through my research, I discovered that every story told in the texts, could be found in the bible in some fashion.  But you'll need to get ready for this next part, because the slight differences in the stories make a world of difference in the meanings.

The bible says that God created man in his image.  The texts say that the Anunnaki combined the "life essences" (DNA) of themselves and Homo Erectus, and created modern man "in their image" to work for them.  The Anunnaki needed workers, the Home Erectus weren't intelligent enough to follow orders, so they enhanced the earthlings to better suit their needs.  (Read the "Book of Enki" to better understand why Enki, his son and his sister created modern man)

The bible says that God was angered by Adam and Eve for sinning and they were cast from the Garden of Eden.  The texts say that the created modern man were clones and unable to reproduce. Enki made the decision to enhance the new humans and gave them the ability to mate.  Enki's brother, Enlil, was enraged and forced the first couple from the Garden of Eden.  Enki was considered the serpent, who enticed them with sins of man.

The bible refers to the Nephilim, giants that were the offspring of fallen angels.  The Nephilim are also described in the texts, but their meaning meant the Anunnaki or the sons of Anunnaki royalty.

The bible tells of a great flood and saving Noah, along with his family and a pair of every animal on earth.  The texts tell a similar story.  Because Nibiru "crosses" into our solar sytem, our planet will have massive side effects from the gravitational pull.  Earthquakes, volcanoes, massive storms, and flooding.  The Anunnaki knew this would happen and Enki saved "Noah" and his family by giving him the blueprints to a large boat.  Enki, the Anunnaki, also gave him the DNA of animals and seeds to replant food, to take with him on the large boat.

There are many, many stories that ended up in the bible (slightly different of course) and I recommend that you read the texts and discover all that you can.  It will become very clear that the bible stories came primarily from the Sumerian texts.

In the texts, you will discover that the Anunnaki were very much like us.  Or should I say, we are very much like them.  They had many battles and wars against each other, they used nuclear weapons on each other's "kingdoms" (countries), they were spiteful, jealous, controlling, and also quite compassionate.  The main players were Enki and Enlil.  Many would argue that there are more "main" players, I'm just giving you my perspective.  Anu was their father who stayed on Nibiru, Enki and Enlil were half brothers.  It seems to me that all of the problems usually derived from the brothers or their offspring.  Enki had many children from earth women and he loved them greatly.   Enlil, on the other hand, viewed humans as disposable and inferior.  I believe that this was the basis for many of their problems.

In the beginning of the Anunnaki reign, they were considered the masters of the human race.  When the population expanded, they needed to have more control over the people so they revamped their image and called themselves Gods. One of Enki's sons, Marduk, got a little carried away and he wanted to be worshipped by all people.  Although he didn't gather all people as followers, he did have a very large following,  Marduk's followers (earthlings) were taught much more than the average humans and they used their new skills (learned by Marduk) and began building a tower "to the heavens."  The other Anunnaki decided that earthlings could not have that kind of intelligence so they scattered the people across the earth, confused their languages so that they could not come together in groups, and instilled different religions so that there would be conflict instead of unity.  At this point, the Anunnaki allowed themselves to be more mystical, instead of physical man,  and created many religions for the many groups of people on earth.  Each religion is possibly an attribute of the particular "god" that wanted worshipped in that area.  If you're able to look in ancient history and see the pattern, even in the bible, "god" went from talking to people , burning bushes, sending angels to earth and flying all over the place, to being an elusive force in heaven that we are to worship. 

The texts tell of the Anunnaki spaceships called sky chariots.  They tell of whirlwinds (helicopters), artificial insemination, cloning, and "death winds" (nuclear weapons).  Now, the skeptics know that the texts and the meanings cannot be denied, so they claim that they are just poems and make-belive stories that they told around fires over a meal.  My response to those skeptics is simply, where did they get these ideas?  Spaceships? DNA manipulation? Floods and catostrophe due to an incoming planet?  Not to mention that a planet has been discovered recently that greatly resembles that description of Nibiru that is coming close to our planet.

If you are at all wondering if 2012 has any connection, all I can tell you is that when Nibiru comes in close vicinity of Earth, there are major side effects from the gravitational pull.  Earthquakes (and they have picked up in numbers and severity recently), volcano eruptions (also have picked up), storms with heavy rain and snow ( yep, we have that too) and flooding, just to name a few.   We are supposed to be dead center of the gravitational pull on Dec.12, 2012.  That date isn't considered doomsday, it will just be the epicenter of the crossing planet chaos.  The problems with the weather and natural disasters will occur up to, and after, that date.  Sometimes the planet brings major chaos to us, other times it isn't as significant.  All we can do is be ready and do what we can to get through a worse case scenerio.

On a side note about 2012, I would like to tell you briefly about the Mayans and the Mayan calendar.  The Anunnaki are described as tall, blue eyed, blond people.  The men wore long bears when they were older and all of them usually dressed elaborately, and they loved gold.  Now to the Mayans, their "god" was a white man who was tall, loved gold, blue eyes and had a long white beard.  They claim that this god taught them about the calendar and explained that he will return when the planet comes around again. 

Although I could ramble on and on about all of the stories within the texts, I hope that you will do your own research and make the discoveries on your own.  I am certainly not an expert, I'm just someone who has taken a great interest in the Anunnaki stories and history.  I truly hope that you find the truth, whatever that is for you, and most of all, enjoy your journey.

As mentioned many, many times throughout my posts, Zecheria Sitchin translated the texts and published them for everyone to learn the truth.  It is through his books, his work, that I am able to see and understand the facts that I have described.

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