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4000-1000 BC Sumerian Timeline

4000-1000 BC Sumerian Timeline

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4000-1000 BC Sumerian Timeline

4000 Sumerians arrive in Mesopotamia

3800 Sumerians supplant Ubaidians in Mesopotamia and start cities

2800 Kish, the dominant city, challenged by Lagash;

Semites dominate Kish

2700 Sumerian King, Gilgamesh, rules the city of Uruk

2340 Sargon (a Sumerian in the city of Kish) overthrows the Sumerian king of Nippur;

Sargon's new kingdom is called Akkad;

Sargon extends his kingdom to Syria

2320 Sargon conquers Sumer

2230 Akkadian dynasty ends

2150 Nomadic Gutians overruns Akkadians and Sumer, but Sumer revives

2130 Sumer regains independence from Akkadian rule

2000 Hittites migrate to Asia Minor

1950 Elamites from Zagros attack Sumer and overrun the Syrian Amorites;

Amorites go to Babylon to create colonies with Ashur as center of a kingdom that will be called Assyria

1753 Ammorite King Hammurabi conquers all of Sumer;

Hammurabi rules to 1750;

His empire lasts until 1600, when the Kassites conquer most of Mesopotamia

1800 Kassites defeat the Babylonians

1593 Hittites sack Babylon and end Hammurabi's dynasty

1365 Ashur the Great, King of Assyria marries his daughter to a Babylonian

1300 The Assyrians control all of Mesopotamia

1200 Hittites' capital Hattusas is wiped out (plague); Phrygians move in

1050 Cosmopolitan area, with tolerance for diverse ethnicity

1000 Assyrian Empire.

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