Monday, February 15, 2010

How the solar system was formed

Thousands of years ago, the Sumerian texts tell a story of how the solar system was made.  Let me make sure you understand that statement.....THOUSANDS of years ago, a story was written about how the solar system was made.  Ok, lets carry on.  They claim that a planet called Tiamat was hit by another planet, Nibiru.  Nibiru was pulled into our solar system and collided with the large, watery planet, Tiamat.  From that collision, a big chunk of Tiamat was hurled into space creating the asteroid belt.  Another part of Tiamat became our moon and the remaining part of Tiamat was then called Earth. Great asteroids and comets collided with planets and the new mon. Nibiru is now forced to continue to orbit our solar system.  Planets were shifted, moons were shifted, and the solar system became what it is now from that collision.

This is from the journal Sciences, 4.6 million years ago, "a brief, violent cataclysmic affair" caused in it a "reshuffling that not only put the outer planets where they are today, but also created the Kipur belt of small icy bodies beyond Neptune, gave the planets scores of oddly shaped moons and bombarded the solar system with a rain of asteroids and comets."

So....I'm just saying....maybe the "intellects" could have saved money, time, manpower, and resources, and just read the Sumerian texts translated by Zecheria Sitchin.

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