Monday, February 15, 2010

Suddenly... A White Spacecraft Appeared Irlam, Manchester, England 01-09-10


Irlam, Manchester, England 01-09-10, 10:22 AM

Driving to work on the A57, at Irlam, heading for the M6. Road was pretty icy as we have had snow in the past few days. Sky was as clear as it can ever be, with not a cloud in sight for miles.

Suddenly... out of nowhere... a white spacecraft appeared... approximately 200-300 yards away.

I was trying to make out what it was, while also being careful on the road as it was icy. I saw the UFO from a side view, which reminded me of a space shuttle, but instead of a rounded nose, it had a triangle nose.

It turned round, so I had the view from the rear now.

I was trying to find a suitable spot to park up and take a video, but anyone who knows the A57 knows there is nowhere to pull over, and also the snow on the side of the roads made it impossible.

I kept my eye on it... until I got to the end of the road - where it just disappeared into thin air.

This is not the first time I have witnessed UFOs, as I witnessed three UFO orbs hover above me, in triangle formation, with no sound, disappear into the distance, which I have also reported last year.

This 'UFO' was a spaceship, with no lights, and not your usual saucer shape, more like a space shuttle shape, but more meaner looking! Closest ship I can find to my sighting, is one from Starship Troopers.

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