Monday, February 15, 2010

Five Separate UFO Reports from Texas Sierra Blanca, TX - 02-07-10

Sierra Blanca, TX - 02-07-10

Sunday afternoon at the listed date and time I was about 25 miles north of Sierra Blanca, Texas, which is at about I-10 East/West mile post 106, and about 25 miles south of Highway 62/180.

I observed an object fly over the house and do not know what it was. The object was white/silver colored, very large, headed from the west to the east, made no noise and left no contrail.

The object was followed by a jet airplane I would guess about 5 miles behind the 1st object. The jet did make a lot of noise and did leave a contrail.

The first object was cylinder-shaped and had 1 wing sticking out the right side. Other witnesses stated the one wing was rectangular-shaped and one other stated it was triangular- shaped.

All stated the 1st object was much larger than the jet. The jet was moving very fast but was not gaining on the 1st object.

I did observe the object through field glasses, but was not able to get a good look at it. We do not know what the 1st object was, and were wondering if anyone else saw it or knows what it is.

The other witnesses had a better view than I did and all stated there was no tail rudder or elevator like on an airplane. I did not notice a tail section either.

I did see a tail section on the jet that was following. If you know what it was, we would like to know and if you had a picture of it or a drawing we would like to see it.

I do not recall seeing any other air traffic and there were no other contrails in the sky, and the sky was pretty much cloudless.

We were on the south side of the object and were looking at the right side. One of the witnesses had stated to me that he had seen an object about an hour earlier that afternoon and was not sure what it was.

I walked outside the barn and looked up and saw the 1st object flying overhead. I asked him if that was it, and he said it could be, ran and got the field glasses and advised the other witnesses.

I watched the object and looked at it through the glasses and eventually lost site of it as it headed east. I heard and then saw the jet about 30 seconds after seeing the 1st object.

Texas - 02-08-10

About nine o'clock as I was going to the store, I began to see multiple colored spheres in the sky. Some seemed to hover. Some seemed to flash and disappear. All at different altitudes.

About the same time I got a phone call from my girlfriend saying that she had heard what sounded like two separate long chirps through our speakers attached to the computer. She was really freaked out.

I observed what seemed to be like 30 or 40 orbs in the sky. Around six in the morning I noticed the activity become very intense, followed up by military aircraft. This went on till dawn or so.

I have been observing serious UFO activity for the last 3 weeks. I feel like I'm the only one who is seeing this.

San Antonio, TX - 02-09-10

I had just clocked out of work at Citi bank on HWY 211 and Potranco, when I started walking towards my car. I noticed a bright orange red light (like when your getting a muffler welded, you see that bright, blue light - it was exactly like that, but red/orange/and a slight violet and a bright brown).

It was eastbound by 1604, and so I called my friend to tell ask her where she was, and she said Las Palapas on 1604 and Bandera Hwy 151.

I told her to look up in the sky! She asked what she was supposed to see, and I said, "You don't see it?"

I told her it was a bright, orange-red light that looks like an HID light from a BMW/Mercedes...

She told me I was crazy, and hung up. I started driving down Potranco towards 1604, and saw it was not 1, but 3, so I called her again and she confirmed it she saw it too!

This happened for a good 15 minutes, and then they were gone. As I was driving I also saw about ten small lights flying over me like small stars, but they only flashed white but not very bright. I think they were jets.

They were more manmade looking compared to the 3 bigger brighter objects (UFOS). I hope I'm not the only one besides my friend that saw this.

Texas - 02-09-10

We were driving into our property and saw two small, red lights in the sky above our barn. The sky was dark, so the lights showed up well. They looked a bit like tail lights on a car, but up in the sky.

There were also some small blinking white lights that appeared when the red lights had gone off. We saw the same lights a couple of years back, in the same spot.

I do not remember the date, but the time was about the same - somewhere between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM. When we stopped to look at the lights, they went out. We started driving again and they came back.

Our son's girlfriend, who is staying on the property, said she has been seeing the same lights. My husband made the comment, "look how fast they are moving."

I didn't see them move because I was alternating between the lights and making sure my husband didn't hit anything while driving and looking at the lights.

In trying to keep our 15-year-old calm - we didn't make a big deal about it. He wouldn't go back outside by himself after we got to the house.

The time before when we had seen them there were more lights, maybe 5 or 6, that just hung there, then split and left in different directions. This time I only saw 2 red lights.

Texas - 02-09-10

Just before 8:00 PM I was outside for a cigarette looking west over the pond behind my house and noticed four red lights moving in formation low across the horizon.

The unusual thing about this was at first that they appeared to be flying in a single line formation at the same speed on the same course for as long as I could see them.

Even with a great deal of private air traffic in this area, I have never seen airplanes flying in formation before.

The second thing that stood out was a lack of white light that you would normally associate with a private aircraft.

I did not see any strobe or green light: only red, while other aircraft were in the same vicinity and showing both red and green lights in addition to the common strobe.

I was not close enough to hear any sound or determine a shape, the objects must have been at least a couple of miles away.

While I cannot say this was a UFO sighting, it was certainly unusual and I would like to know if any other reports have been made.

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