Monday, February 15, 2010

UFO Stuns Early Risers

"Nothing known to man could operate something like that in a million years." - Tony Whittle.

Wigantoday's very own X-Files have been opened again after an odd UFO sighting.

Tony Whittle from Standish Lower Ground emailed us with this: "Has anyone reported a strange object to you at around 5 am on Thursday morning?


"My wife and I were sat in bed discussing our new bathroom, only just installed yesterday.

"I decided to open the curtains and went to the kitchen to make us a cup of tea. When I got back in bed my wife said she had been watching an object acting very oddly in the direction of Shevington.

"We live in Standish Lower Ground. At first I thought she was dreaming or something, but sure enough a couple of minutes later the thing rose up from behind the house opposite us across the road.

"It was difficult to estimate how far away it was but looked about the size of a five pence piece to me.

"It rose at about 45 degrees and then levelled out only going slow for about five seconds and then just started moving in different directions for roughly two or three minutes before going down again out of our sight.

"It was a yellowy pulsating object with what looked like a small blob on top of it. One thing is certain, it was no ordinary object like a helicopter or aircraft - nothing known to man could operate something like that in a million years.

"I got out my camcorder and waited until it was starting to come light but it never came back. We have hardly stopped talking about it all day."

Did you see this strange object?

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