Monday, February 15, 2010

UFO filmed above Chinese city during the daytime 14 February 2010

UFO filmed above Chinese city during the daytime

Michael Cohen

An anonymous witness noticed a fast moving triangular UFO crossing the sky above an unknown metropolis somewhere in China. The fast-acting witness to the UFO quickly grabbed for their mobile phone camera and was able to take this blurry footage. Some of China's UFO buffs have argued that this footage, as unclear as it is, constitutes evidence that unidentified flying objects do indeed exist in the skies above us.

This footage has been posted on UFO websites across China and opinions as to the possible identity of the object vary. Most Chinese UFO enthusiasts think that this particular object might be a secret military craft. A minority think it might well be extraterrestrial.

Reports of UFO sightings in the skies above China continue to roll in. Only two weeks ago a number of residents claim to have seen a spherical UFO descend on Shanghai. The above photo, initially thought to have been a hoax, is now regarded as a genuine capture of that object. Chinese Scientists are now planning to add this footage to the long list of images they intend to study in the hope of determining the identities of the objects in question.

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